Friday, November 6, 2015

areal balance

‘I finally know why Russia annexed Crimea,” one Chinese blogger wrote. “Putin doesn’t want that Russia will become smaller during his administration.” By annexing Crimea, the Kremlin leader can ensure that doesn’t happen.

According to the BBC, some Chinese bloggers have suggested that Russia must “return Vladivostok, Blagoveshchenks, and Tanu-Uryankhai [Tyva] to China, and one has offered an intriguing explanation for what is going on far from the Chinese border in Ukraine as a result of the transfer of even a small portion of land from Russia to China.

China Daily” reported the return of the land, noting that it is but a small part of the 1,500,000 square kilometers “the declining Qing Dynasty gave up” to the Russians between 1858 and 1915” 

... пять пограничных знаков в провинции Цзилинь были передвинуты, уменьшив территорию РФ на 4,7 квадратных километров. Эта земля отошла к России при династии Цин, после поражения во Второй опиумной войне. 
... с 1858 по 1915 годы династия Цин передала около 1,5 млн квадратных километров Российской империи, заключив несколько "неравноправных договоров".

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