Sunday, July 3, 2016

having to wear her right shoe on her left foot

After being disqualified from Miss Universe Canada because she was born male, Jenna Talackova, shows her Canadian passport as proof that she is female. The Miss Universe Organization reversed their decision in April 2012.

при разбирательствах она btw выиграла суд у Дональда Трампа, ны няшнага кандидата в презики одной соседней страны

статья сопсно про Х. К. и важные документы:
...That September, she [Jackie Richter] got it. This, she said recently, was the first time she felt the full support of the federal government. The document saved her business, saved her family, and—she believes—saved her life.
..Clinton enacted a new rule making it easier for transgender people to register their identities on their passports. Sexual reassignment surgery was no longer necessary; all that was required was a doctor’s note.
и почему Берни — сексуальный революционэр, а Хиллари — какбе.нет

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