Friday, May 29, 2015

commercial sex prevalence in Morocco

см. фингал — насилие
АльДжазира публикует официальную оценку преваленса коммерческого секса в Мороккоо,
преваленс на наши деньги — контингент
The Health Ministries in four cities  — Rabat, Tangier, Fez and Agadir — said that there were 19,333 sex workers in four cities throughout the country in 2011, according to a report in Moroccan newspaper Al Khabar. There was no indication of why those statistics are only now being published.

Mehdi Alioua, a sociology professor at the Université International de Rabat, said the figures likely downplay the size of the industry given how widespread, albeit underground, it is — particularly in tourist hubs like Marrakech, a city not included in the statistics.
дело было после того как фильм о нелёхкой жызне мароканских проституток показали на фестивале в Каннах
The film “Much Loved,” or “Zin Li Fik” in Moroccan Arabic, details the lives of Moroccan sex workers in the tourist hub of Marrakech, another city not included in the government’s study.
Morocco had been silent on the issue of sex work, “because it solves problems for a lot of people,” Riyadi said. A vast majority of the sex workers, according to the new statistics, become divorced or widowed before the age of 24, leaving them with few other options to make money.
Government officials, Riyadi said, “close their eyes, because it answers questions” of economic issues for both the practitioners and a society with a dearth of public services.
The four-year-old statistics could be a modest beginning — perhaps a sign that officials can't keep ignoring the country's sex workers — even if their publication by the Health Ministries indicate to Alioua that the government is “protecting society against them” and not the opposite.

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