Saturday, May 5, 2018

Which genetically is the most Slavic country?

вполне неславянская физия
из кворы:

John Martin, MA History and Anthropology, Belarusian State University

Answered Apr 27

It depends on which haplogroup is Slavic — R1a or I2a1b?

R1a M458 is Corded Ware Culture (West Slavic/Germanic).

R1a Z280 is East Slavic/Skythian.

I2a1b is Eastern Hunter Gatherer.

West Slavs (Poles/Czechs/Slovaks): high R1a M458/low Z280. R1a = 50% and I2a1b = 10%

SW Slavs (Slovenes/Croats): high R1a M458/no Z280. R1a =35% and I2a1b = 30%

South Slavs (Serbs, Bosnians, Bulgarians, Macedonians): higher Z280 than M458. R1a = 15% and I2a1b = 50%

East Slavs (Belorusians, Ukranians, and Russians): high Z280/low M458. R1a = 40% and I2a1b 20%

The only possible explanation for this strange scenario is that the West Slavs evolved with the Germans from the Corded Ware Culture, while the East Slavs mixed with Skythians Z280 and I2a1b EEHG and then migrated into the Balkans and created the South Slavs?

If its R1a — Poles, Belorussians, Ukrainians, Russians, Slovaks.

If its I2a1b — Bosnians, Croats, Serbs, Macedonians, Bulgarians.

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