Friday, March 30, 2018


As expected, Vladimir Putin triumphed in the Russian election on Sunday. The president's confidence was so high that he didn't even bother campaigning before Russians went to the polls. Now, the question everyone seems to be asking is whether Putin is going to be in office for his entire life. As both prime minister and president, he is the second longest serving Russian leader since Joseph Stalin who was in power for 10,636 days. Putin surpassed Leonid Brezhnev's 6,601 days in power in September 2017 according to the Washington Post and he has now served for 6,790 days (as of March 18, 2018). Should he see out his latest term at the helm, he will get even closer to Stalin, with a projected total of 8,981 days.
Infographic: Putin Forever?  | Statista спрашывали—отвечаем


  1. Практически уверен что он уделает Сталина по длительности (по здоровью вполне выполнимо, а сам не уйдет ведь).
    Ну да хоть по числу жертв проиграет. Брежнева по количеству политических жертв и погибших в войнах ещё может уделать.

  2. если Медведева слить, он уже сейчас хоть куда