Sunday, December 17, 2017

Wine glass size in England from 1700 to 2017: a measure of our time

Wine glass capacity in England has increased sevenfold in 300 years. Can downsizing reduce wine consumption?

Key messages

  • Wine glass capacity in England has increased from a mean of 66 mL in 1700 to 449 mL in 2017
  • Capacity has increased most steeply over the past two decades, along with wine consumption
  • While this association may not be causal, some evidence of a link between wine glass size and drinking suggests that reducing the size of wine glasses in licensed premises and in our homes could reduce consumption

лично я, следуя Пушкину (акифар мазон) предпочитаю стакан, ноне савецкий гранёный ( см поссы.лке ), а тонкий. Скрепный токо для Аг.Дама.

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