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отец и дочь
Sigmund Freud, Anna Freud, and the Skeptical Humanist Tradition


“A great part of my life’s work has been spent to destroy my own illusions and those of humankind.” —Sigmund Freud

“What a distressing contrast there is between the radiant intelligence of the child and the feeble mentality of the average adult.” —Anna Freud

Freud believed that reason could help people undo the hypocrisies and deceptions in their lives, permitting a recovery of sanity and a measure of happiness.

...much of that [human mind] study has been skeptical in character, calling into question not only conventional understandings of individual pathology but also wider cultural values and practices. [скрепы, по нашему]

The qualitative research carried out in Anna Freud’s “laboratories”—nurseries, clinics, residential and day care centers—was guided by the same criteria of systematic observation, conceptual parsimony, and explanatory power that guide rational empirical inquiry of any kind.

Вот думку думаю: не есть ли качественные исследования пролог к традиции скрепности и мракобесию ягупопства ваще, в духе Крупнова, к примеру. В принципе, все неестественные науки (с малыми вырезками) трудно отличить от ад вокации (или тут, не хуже).

не смотря на обще гуманное направление, тем не менее:
...psychoanalysts, beginning with Freud himself, indulged in a great deal of unwarranted and harmful speculation: pathologizing homosexuality, attributing women’s wishes for independence and equality to “penis envy,” positing metaphysical entities like “the death drive,” etc.

любопытно: возможна ли психоаналитическая демография ? или феминистическая

In his 1927 essay, “The Future of an Illusion,” Freud not only exposes the irrationality of belief in God (others before him had done that) but he goes a step further and aims to explain that irrationality. Responding to their experiences of helplessness, Freud suggests, humans seek a benevolent, all-powerful protector who will shelter them from suffering and uncertainty and assure an orderly world. God, as conceived in most biblical traditions, is modeled after an adult authority who towers over a child, promising guidance and reward, but also severe punishment for misbehavior.

magical thinking — вот, думаю, феминизм тоже из этой оперы, защита
+ кто тогда активисты во второй (медленной) системе размышлизьма?

Anna Freud sought to understand the psychological mainsprings of reasoning gone awry. In 1936 she published The Ego and The Mechanisms of Defense, which elaborated ways in which people deny and disavow evidence they do not wish to see.

ссылка на оригинал в самом верху, рекомендую вопчем

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