Friday, August 11, 2017

Gandhi died nobody to talk to

Навальный: за Неру, или за Ганди
Deepak Lal "Population change in India" PDR, vol s32, 2006 пишет:
All the early leaders of the nationalist movement were thus Macaulay’s children. Among them two branches can be distinguished: the Nehruvians and the Gandhians. Both believed that modernization and Westernization were linked. But whereas the Nehruvians, who, despite lip service to marrying Indian with Western culture, accepted the implication and sought to implement a particular secular set of Western cosmological beliefs, the Gandhians (whose cultural successors include the various Hindu nationalist groups) have sought to resist modernization for fear it would lead to Westernization.
кроме этого пишет, что не идеология и космогонические представления держали индийское единство — любопытно,
перенести на почву.ру
Неру то тожже умер :(
Или: своим путём (с)

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