Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Cost of a Tank of Fuel Around Europe

The romance of a roadtrip is for many hard to resist. Adventure, the open road, endless possibilities, people to meet and places to discover. The love affair may end though, once the intrepid traveller is forced to pull into the petrol station. Depending on which country you're in at the time, the cost of fuel can certainly take the shine off an otherwise great trip.

Using data from the European Commission, the infographic below shows how much 50 liters of petrol currently costs in each country in the EU. Due largely to varying degrees of taxation, the amount can be anything from a reasonable €49 in Romania, to a much steeper €76 in the Netherlands.
Infographic: Roadtrip? The Cost of a Tank of Fuel Around Europe | Statista
у меня бак = 60 литров, но пащетать лехко:
50х40=2000 р с небольшим, или /68.48? (или сколько)
= €29.2 или около 30

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