Thursday, June 22, 2017

the Financial Times had the most divided readership

Натура, канешна, уходящая, но ещё жыва, гадюка (см Алексиевич кейс)

According to research from YouGov, voters in the UK generally stuck to the party allegiances of their favourite newspapers during the 2017 general election. Three days after the election, YouGov polled over 50,000 British voters, finding that the Financial Times had the most divided readership. Most readers of the Daily Mail, Telegraph, Express, Sun and Times voted Conservative. Guardian, Mirror and Independent readers mainly voted for the Labour Party.
Infographic: General election voting by newspaper readership  | StatistaВывод: не читайте Regnum (на кортинко вертухай) на ночь, а лутшэ вофсе не читайте
взвешенно читайте взвешенный ФТ

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