Wednesday, May 24, 2017

German Baby Boom? Fertility Rises for First Time in Decades

никогда (после воссоедиения) такого не было, и, вот, опять:
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TFR 2015, EC
если картинка не видна (по причине помех за пределами домена .ру), идите нах по ссылке в низу
Since the country reunified in 1990, Germany has seen its fertility rate decline year after year, leading many to question the longterm fate of Europe’s economic powerhouse. Those who are worried have a positive new sign though as the latest birthrate numbers to come out of Germanylast week revealed that new births have reached an all-time high since the country’s reunification.

In 2015, the average fertility rate came out to 1.50 children per woman in Germany, following along with the very slight upward trend seen in the last few years. While the number is promising, Germany still has a ways to go in matching neighboring countries. The same statistics shows an EU average of 1.58 children per woman. France came in at the top of the European charts with its 1.96 children per woman average.

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