Saturday, March 11, 2017

Less children per man than per woman

Мужская рождаемость изучена оч слабо, есть ООНовский ежегодник, там оч скудненька, но есть

и вот опять:

Кое-кто/где-кое have calculated birthrates for men in Germany for the first time. They found that in each year since 1991 the average number of children per man was lower than that per woman. In 2013 (latest available data) the birthrate was 1.35 for males and 1.42 for females. For 1994 they obtained a new world record low – the birthrate in eastern Germany was only 0.74 children per man. Until now, the 1994 female birthrate in eastern Germany had been thought to be the lowest value ever recorded around the globe.

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