Saturday, March 18, 2017

African migration

Nauja Kleist
Senior Researcher at Danish Institute for International Studies

African migration

... a few lines about my research on African migration. I am working on especially West African (with focus on Ghana) migration and Somali diaspora mobilization. One of my latest outputs is a book on hope and uncertainty in African migration, published in Routledge's studies of anthropology series, that I have co-edited. Here is a short introduction to the book.

Access to safe and legal migration has become one of the key axes of inequality today. While images of the good life are circulated globally in the media and through social networks, the vast majority of people in Africa are excluded from legal long-distance migration, due to restrictive migration policies and border control. This mobility paradox raises a number of questions in situations where mobile livelihood strategies constitute important ways of coping with uncertainty and precarious life circumstances and where migration is perceived as one of the few pathways to a better life. Such questions include: How do (aspiring) migrants respond to restrictive migration policies? How do they understand their life and future? Where do they aspire to go and how? And what are the new destinations when Europe is closing its doors?

In the new book ‘Hope and Uncertainty in Contemporary African Migration’, these questions are examined through a range of ethnographically based case studies of primarily West African migration. Set within the African continent and beyond, the focus of the chapters range from migration aspirations prior to actual journeys, life in new or established destinations – ranging from neighboring countries to Europe, China and Argentina, to migrants stuck in transit zones and after deportation.

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