Friday, December 2, 2016

The allure of a simple story of Patient 0

эпидемиологическое расследование
Ланцет опубликовал, со ссылкой на Натуру, а та на статью 1984 года с картинкой первого американского ВИЧ+

One of the most seductive stories of the global HIV epidemic was finally, irrefutably unpicked in October by a study published in Nature: that of Patient 0, the gay flight attendant who introduced HIV to the USA seeding outbreaks throughout the country through his voracious sexual appetite. Gaétan Dugas was diagnosed with what came to be known as AIDS in the in the early 1980s, and before he died in 1984 was able to recount to doctors a trail of sexual partners in cities across the USA—Dugas claimed to have slept with hundreds of men a year, and estimated he had had sex with around 2500 men in the previous decade.

В РФ поц №1 тоже как переходящее красное знамя, обновляется время от времени: раньше был переводчик с военной базы в Танзании вроде, теперь КСР-МСМ в Москве (порт 5 морей, какникрути)

на картинке — рез-т эпидемиологического расследования, которое по нашим правилам, должно проводиться в каждом случае ВИЧ+ (практика заимствована от савецкага КВД, там ещё ментофка помогала), но при наличии 100 тыщ позитивных тестов в год врят ли возможна, но такая картинка по первому случаю.ру Покровским обнародована
(если у кого есть, пришлите, пож)
отвечая на вчерашний вопрос: вход в сов.систему учота происходит на момент выявления инфекции, выхода нет; при смене места жительства история болезни тоже едет за поциентом
о! нашол-таки большего размера, тут:
Bull Hist Med. 2014 Spring : 161-194.
doi:  10.1353/bhm.2014.0005
PMCID: PMC4046389
“Patient Zero”:
The Absence of a Patient’s View of the Early North American AIDS Epidemic
Richard A. McKay*

упг бонус: Тифозная Мэри


  1. Darrow downplayed the more capacious definitions associated with the word “zero”:

    I didn’t start using the term “Patient 0” until other people had used it, and I don’t—it probably came from CDC, but I don’t know . . . who the first one was. But probably when they wrote it down “Patient O,” they went around talking to one another about “Patient 0” and so that’s how he got his name. . . . Because everybody said that this is “ground zero,” you know, this is how the epidemic started, and I want you to know that I never said that he was the first case in the United States, that he brought, ah, this, this condition to America

  2. + Five notes from Jacques Pepin's The Origins of AIDS