Wednesday, December 7, 2016

fuit ipsum quod futurum est

Der Tod in Venedig
Der Tod in Venedig,
но об этом можно только мечтать
всё смешалось в доме О — обычный пример привычной лингвистической безответственности, отлавливаемой (по кр мере указываемой) встроенным грамарнаци мелкомяхкага слова,
как правильно?
Х всё смешал в доме О

Mann wrote to Adorno,

“The way things are developing is already clear. And we have rather gone beyond Brüning.”

Heinrich Brüning was the Chancellor of Germany from 1930 to 1932.

...Adorno concluded that the “culture industry,” ... was replicating fascist methods of mass hypnosis:
Lies have long legs: they are ahead of their time. The conversion of all questions of truth into questions of power, a process that truth itself cannot escape if it is not to be annihilated by power, not only suppresses truth as in earlier despotic orders, but has attacked the very heart of the distinction between true and false, which the hirelings of logic were in any case diligently working to abolish. So Hitler, of whom no one can say whether he died or escaped, survives. 
“Make America Great Again” is one of Trump’s many linguistic contortions [типа: жизнь до рождения, абортивная контрацепция или мужской аборт]

By the end of the century, the Frankfurt School was seen in many quarters as an artifact of intellectual kitsch

quid est quod fuit ipsum quod futurum est quid est quod factum est ipsum quod fiendum est (Ecc, 1:9)

At Weyrich's request William S. Lind wrote a short history of his conception of Cultural Marxism for The Free Congress Foundation; in it Lind identifies the presence of homosexuals on television as proof of Cultural Marxist control over the mass media and claims that Herbert Marcuse considered a coalition of "blacks, students, feminist women and homosexuals" as a vanguard of cultural revolution.

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