Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Learning R programming by reading books: A book list #rstats

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R is an open-source software package and rapidly increases its popularity in both industry and academics. Google trend is probably the best tool to show you how popular R is since it allows us to rank the search interest among five major statistical software packages. You can clearly observe that R has been the top search interest since 2011 and continues to maintain its top place.

Despite R’s popularity, it is still very daunting to learn R as R has no click-and-point feature like SPSS and learning R usually takes lots of time. No worries! As self-R learner like us, we constantly receive the requests about how to learn R. Besides hiring someone to teach you or paying tuition fees for online courses, our suggestion is that you can also pick up some books that fit your current R programming level. Therefore, in this post, we would like to share some good books that teach you how to learn programming in R based on three levels: elementary, intermediate, and advanced levels. Each level focuses on one task so you will know whether these books fit your needs. While the following books do not necessarily focus on the task we define, you should focus the task when you reading these books so you are not lost in contexts.

из 3х частей:
  • Elementary level: Books introducing R (R books for other statistical software users)
  • Intermediate level: Books instructing you how to write functions  (Books instructing you how to write functions)
  • Advanced level: Books teaching you how to write packages (Books teaching you how to write packages)
по маей имхе: ништо не спасёт от слушания курса (хотя бы элементарнага), или чтения учебнега (лутшэ хороших)

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