Thursday, October 6, 2016

Coffee-Drinking Europe's Top Ten

в Финляндии получается по 4 чашки в день, включая детей, которые эту дрянь, пожалуй, не пьют.
или они что-то ещё называют кофе ?

The average Finn drinks 1,310 cups of coffee per year – more than three and a half per day. This according to results from the recent Statista Consumer Market Outlook. Comparing European countries, the report reveals where in the continent the love affair with coffee is the strongest. While Finland is way ahead for consumption, their Swedish neighbours are also very fond of a cup of hot brown with an average yearly consumption of 1,070 cups.

The Statista Consumer Market Outlook provides in-depth market insights, key performance indexes and forecasts for the most important consumer markets. The current service covers 10 product categories and 70 subcategories.

This chart shows the cups of coffee consumed per capita in European countries in 2015.Infographic: Europe's Top Ten Coffee-Drinking Nations | Statista
и никакой Армении, на х.конец Хорватии

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