Sunday, July 3, 2016

Small Is Beautiful


Размер имеет значение ?

England's football team crashed out of Euro 2016 after a shock 2-1 loss to Iceland in the last 16 of the competition. England has a population of about 53 million and Iceland has a mere 330,000 inhabitants by comparison. Criticism of England's players and managerial team immediately after the defeat was scathing.

The salary gap between Roy Hodgson, England's coach and Lars Lagerbäck, Iceland's joint-manager, is massive. Hodgson, who resigned in the wake of his country's defeat, was paid about £4 million every year. Lars Lagerbäck who is managing Iceland gets paid about £360,000 annually by comparison.Infographic: The Best-Paid Coaches At Euro 2016 | Statista
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