Saturday, June 11, 2016

Sex ratio change or the masculinization of population with no wars

изменение возраста сравнивания половThanks to the reduction of secular mortality [what is this ?] in Sweden, the natural sex imbalance observed at birth has been progressively prolonged later in life, and the age at which women outnumber men has been postponed to older ages. Similar developments are found in Norway and Denmark [и Австралии Новой Зеландии].

The general decline of mortality is one of humanity’s biggest achievements, but the accompanying change in age- and sex-specific survival patterns, coupled with the natural sex imbalance at birth, influences the age and sex composition of a population and, therefore, the sex ratio at successive ages. In a world where each new generation can expect to enjoy a longer life than the previous one, an increasing number of men can also be expected.

на картинке: изменение возраста сравнивания полов
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