Tuesday, April 19, 2016

evidence is not acceptable to the Russian Federation

большая статья про борьбу с наркотиками,
заголовок отражает + кое-какие выдержки/завлекалочки:
This week, diplomats gathered at the United Nations in New York will adopt a document outlining the future of global drug policy — a text that may have been better in the eyes of many advocates if it weren't for one country: Russia. Moscow's rise as the most vocal proponent of the drug war not only affects the pace of change worldwide, it has also created a domestic HIV crisis, and coincided with allegations of corruption among top Russian drug officials.
'They deny evidence that we learned decades ago... They bullied everyone.'
'Russian narcologists — their version of drug dependence specialists — have practiced such therapies as hypnotizing patients and telling them that something in their body will explode if they use drugs.'
'This is like climate change denialists hosting a look at global warming.'

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