Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Sexual Politics of Meat

мужыг должен жрать мясо, но
не все с этим согласны

см к примеру:
Part One: The Patriarchal Texts of Meat
Chapter 1
The Sexual Politics of Meat 
Chapter 2
The Rape of Animals, the Butchering of Women
Chapter 3
Masked Violence, Muted Voices
Chapter 4
The Word Made Flesh
Part Two: From the Belly of Zeus
Chapter 5
Dismembered Texts, Dismembered Animals 
Chapter 6
Frankenstein's Vegetarian Monster
Chapter 7
Feminism, the Great War, and Modern Vegetarianism
Part Three: Eat Rice Have Faith in Women
Chapter 8
The Distortion of the Vegetarian Body
Chapter 9
For a Feminist-Vegetarian Critical Theory
Destabilizing Patriarchal Consumption

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