Wednesday, March 23, 2016

fears and threats

даже на конкурсе дураков — второе место :(

A Gallup survey conducted earlier this year reveals that Americans still consider international terrorism the top threat to their nation. 79 percent of respondents identified international terrorism as a critical threat, with Iran's nuclear weapons program in second place despite last year's deal. Interestingly, a new and more modern threat appears in third place. This was the first year where Gallup asked people about the threat from cyberterrorism and 73 percent of them considered it a critical threat.

This chart shows the most critical threats to the US over the next decade, as cited by US adults in 2016.Infographic: Americans Say Terrorism Is The Top Threat To Their Nation | Statista
ну, просто не бояцо, хоть тресни

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