Sunday, February 21, 2016

White Wine Properties


Quality and Physicochemical Properties of White Wine

чем крепче, тем лутшэ
качечтво по горизонтали

1. Abstract

The purpose of this project is to determine what physicochemical properties affect white wine quality through exploratory data analysis.

2. Data

The Wine Quality dataset is downloaded from the following website.
[Citation] P. Cortez, A. Cerdeira, F. Almeida, T. Matos and J. Reis. Modeling wine preferences by data mining from physicochemical properties. In Decision Support Systems, Elsevier, 47(4):547-553, 2009.

The zip file contains two csv files, one for red wines (winequality-red.csv) and one for white wines (winequality-white.csv). In this project only the white wine data is used.

ну, и ваще наука хоть делом занялась

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