Tuesday, February 16, 2016

the book of nature

советы начинающим половую жизнь периода отмены рабства в США и России

1. Keep it clean.
“Always carry to bed a clean napkin….”

2. Choose your timing.
“The proper time for sexual indulgence is an important consideration…. Persons who are predisposed to [dyspepsia, indigestion, and other affections of the stomach] should never have sexual intercourse just before eating, nor very soon after a full meal.”

3. Eat plenty of phosphorous.
“The particular food which is calculated to stimulate the sexual organs is shell-fish, or sea fish of any kind, and turtle, as these generally contain phosphorus.”

4. Hope that your past doesn’t catch up to you.
“Young girls of amorous desires get up a sexual excitement, and produce masturbation…and in boarding schools they often practice the habit upon one another until they caused repeated Orgasms, and in this manner injure their health.”

5. Practice safe sex.
“Some men tie up the scrotum to prevent a discharge of Semen, and thus hope to avoid impregnating the female.”

6. But not too much sex — that’s a bad thing.
“One of the greatest evils to mankind is a too free sexual indulgence by young men and boys. It not only injures their vital powers, but affects their intellects.”

7. And whatever you do, keep it missionary.
“…the position of their bodies during the nuptial act. Any unnatural performance of this act is apt to impair the health of the female and many women have been seriously injured…. No female, no matter how robust, can enjoy sexual intercourse except in the position intended by Nature.”

а есть аналогичные тексты.ру ???

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