Monday, February 22, 2016

sexual satisfaction and happiness

Writing at the Wall Street Journal, Elizabeth Bernstein reports on a study to be released later this month in the Journal of Sex Research. Researchers at a handful of universities including Cal State and the Kinsey Institute surveyed nearly 40,000 married and/or cohabitating people back in 2006—average age 40 for women, 46 for men, to determine sexual satisfaction and happiness.
“Couples who are more satisfied are driven to have sex more often, which gives them more satisfaction and leads to more frequency,”
When men and women ranked their “strongest predictors” of satisfaction, it looked like this:

  • mood setting 
  • sexual variety 
  • communication 
  • orgasms 
  • mood setting 
  • communication
...having an orgasm for a man is such a given that he doesn’t even have to rank it as a predictor.
и много всякого другого любо пыц.ва

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