Saturday, February 20, 2016

Russia Healthcare Scan 2015


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The Healthcare Scan offers a numerical and written analysis on the socio- and macroeconomic state and trends of the country, the healthcare system and its evolution and reforms, the local healthcare markets, and surgical procedure volumes for 1.000 procedures in 13 specialisms.

The Healthcare Scan is an online Business Intelligence tool which contains always the most up to date and relevant healthcare data. Licenses are valid for 1 year.
The Healthcare Scan grants access to 4 chapters:

1) Socioeconomic overview: numerical data centralizing all relevant data on the socioeconomic and macroeconomic context and outlook and national Healthcare.

2) Care Provision Data: numerical data providing an overview of the Healthcare demographics: Nation Care provision data, Intensive Care units, Operating rooms, Emergency Rooms, Hospital services, Healthcare professionals.

3) Surgical Procedure volume database: numerical data including 1,000 surgical interventions performed in in the public, private and university hospitals, private practices and private clinics, the data are reported by the ICD-9 international coding system in 13 specialisms, and cover five years: last year’s actuals, three years of historical data, and two years of forecast. The specialisms included are: Cardiology, Neurology, Orthopedics, Urology, ENT, Ophthalmology, OBGYN, Endocrinology, Plastic, General, Thoracic, Hemic and Lymphatic system, Oncology.

4) Country Report: written analysis, covering the following topics: Economic Outlook (38 Key industry indicators), The Healthcare System (HC system structures), Reforms (restructuring, re-engineering or austerity efforts) and the Healthcare Market (Capital Equipment, Medical Devices, Disposables and Pharmaceuticals).

The Healthcare Scan helps businesses gain a unique insight into the socio-economic dynamics, and helps analyze how they affect healthcare systems and their evolution. It can serve as an essential tool for sales, marketing, R&D and business managers with industry related interests.

Reasons to Purchase:

- User friendly Business Intelligence tool
- Immediate online access
- Single point of entry for all relevant healthcare data
- Actionable information to capture size, trends, opportunities and challenges of the economy and healthcare industry
- Written and numerical analysis
- Standardized and comparable data

кому и зачем ?
и недорого, от $ 1 795 (это годовая или полугодовая зряплата лекаря.ру)

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