Thursday, February 4, 2016

population and economy

Экономика Индии равна половине китайской, если прально понимаю (или они там танками/бонбовозами добирают?)
площадь бруска = размер экономики
отсю даже:

The International Monetary Fund devised this handy graphic for summarizing economic output around the world. Each country is depicted as a rectangle, with the overall size of the rectangle representing the overall size of your economy. But two similarly sized rectangles can have very different shapes. A tall and skinny rectangle like Germany represents rich countries with not that many residents. A short and squat rectangle like Nigeria represents a country with many residents and a very low average standard of living. We also see here that the global income distribution is quite unequal, with around 75 percent of the world's population living in countries that are below the global average income.
Purchasing Power Parities and Real Expenditures of World Economies
Summary of Results and Findings of the 2011 International Comparison Program 


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