Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Gene editing and abortion debate

The next frontier in America’s abortion wars

Activists on both sides of the abortion debate now have a common enemy — the use of a powerful new gene editing technology to tinker with the human race.

That may seem like an idea from a sci-fi flick, but it’s already here. The gene-editing technique is already used in research and has the potential to modify human DNA with unprecedented ease in the not-too-distant future. British regulators approved limited experiments in human embryos earlier this month.

Those dystopian prospects have aligned U.S. groups long at odds: The anti-abortion Susan B. Anthony List, Family Research Council and the Center for Bioethics and Culture oppose gene editing in embryos. So do abortion rights groups like Our Bodies Ourselves and the leadership of the Pro Choice Alliance for Responsible Research, albeit for very different reasons.

насколько понял речь о редактировании гена эмбриона для удаления предпосылок болезней, а страх в том, что штамповать будут [белокурых] бестий, или таг
“Fears about eugenics, a brave new world … are concerns that are shared by people across the political spectrum,” said Nathaniel Comfort, a medical historian
любопытно: 83% американцоф не хотят допустить редактирования мозговых и физических характеристик
That’s because some parents might want to use the tool to “prevent or cure” things like dark skin or homosexuality, “instead of looking for social changes to make people see each other as more equal,” said Darnovsky.
спор о правах эмбрионов ещё токо начинаецо:
“Future parents have a right to respect the human dignity, or at least respect some morally relevant status of the human embryo,” said Hille Haker, the chair of Catholic Moral Theology at Loyola University Chicago. “We need to ensure the rights of all.”

imho-prediction ProChoice и AntiChoice разойдутся со временем, ProChoice ближе матери-евгенике

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