Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Xi Jinping Comes to America

к нам едет ревизор?
Новости Недели: этто нашальнег на параде 3 сентября с.г. (есть о чом ...), любопытно: шо за тачыла ?
The growing economic disquiet within China comes amidst an ongoing crackdown on dissent at home. Human rights lawyers are being rounded up and jailed. Internet censorship has been tightened, as have regulations governing the activities of nongovernmental organizations. A massive military parade on September 3, celebrating the 70th anniversary of China’s “victory” in the war over Japan, was a combination of muscle flexing and Orwellian propaganda: The role of the United States in winning the war in the Pacific was barely acknowledged...
... Increasingly, the people who have been successful over the last 20 or 30 years are becoming resentful of the government. “We can’t understand what they are doing,” the CEO of a private Chinese company told me recently. “Economic policy seems chaotic, the parade was embarrassing, and everyone is afraid to say anything critical of the government. This is not where I and my friends thought we’d be in 2015,” said the CEO, a man in his early 50s.

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