Monday, September 7, 2015

Condoms Hamper Erection ?

Most young men who had such problems had erectile difficulties generally, researchers say:

The Journal of Sexual Medicine, Aug. 17, 2015
...a new study of nearly 500 young American men found that while some did complain of loss of erection, many of these men also experienced erectile difficulties generally
...prior studies of American men under the age of 40 showed that about 16 percent complained of some sort of occasional difficulty in maintaining an erection. Another study found that while condom-linked erectile difficulty might be somewhat common in young men, most of the effect was "only in the first minute" of engaging in sexual activity
In the new study...Just over 38 percent of the men said they had no problem maintaining an erection while using a condom. Close to 14 percent said they experienced some issues while putting the condom on, about 16 percent said those issues occurred during intercourse, and about 32 percent said erectile difficulties happened occasionally during condom application and sex.However, men reporting condom-linked erectile issues were also much more likely to report such incidences even when they weren't using the sheaths, the study authors found.The research team's advice? Men who mention any condom-linked erectile issues to their doctors may need "condom skills education" or some sort of counseling to help them with any psychological issues that might be getting in the way, Sanders' team said. 
учитцо и ещё раз учицо + не торопицо

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