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конспирологическая кортинко
ЛинькедИнн даёт неработающую ссылку, а взглянуть охота:

Archaeology and Nazism: A warning from prehistory. In: V. Mordvintseva, H. Härke and T. Shevchenko (eds.). Archaeological and linguistic research: Materials of the Humboldt-Conference (Simferopol – Yalta, 20-23 September, 2012). Kiev: Stilos 2014. 32-42.
by Heinrich Härke | Bookmarked by Marina Sorokina
The collaboration of German prehistoric and medieval archaeologists with the powers of the Third Reich provided them with jobs and status, and perhaps also a ‘mission’ to believe in. In that sense, it was a truly ‘Faustian bargain’ (B. Arnold). The question is, though, to which extent Nazi archaeology represents a unique phenomenon, or just a special case at the extreme end of the spectrum in which all Kulturwissenschaften work. As long as our disciplines depend on state funding (and it is difficult to imagine a different funding model for them), they are necessarily open to suggestions,...

Papers of the 2012 Humboldt Foundation conference, held in Yalta and Simferopol (Crimea), on the history and current challenges of archaeology and historical linguistics.

упг: хто ыщет зафсикда найдэт + тут

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