Friday, April 3, 2015

Death sentences and executions in 2014

Вышел новый отчёт Международной амнистии (педеэф) про смертные казни и пожизненные заключения. На первом месте Китай, по первой ссылке оч хор интерактивная карта, РФ стоит неплохо со счётом 0, 0, отлично от США, к примеру.
камент от Ланцета:
“There is no evidence that the death penalty has a greater deterrent effect on crime than terms of imprisonment”, according to Amnesty International's report Death Sentences and Executions 2014, published on April 1, this year. Worldwide, by the end of 2014, at least 19 094 individuals were under a death sentence. The number of people known to have been sentenced to death increased by 28% from 1925 in 57 countries in 2013 to at least 2466 in 55 countries in 2014, largely because of mass sentencing in Egypt and Nigeria. Alarmingly, in most countries, the death penalty was given after trials that did not meet international standards of fairness.
Amnesty International recorded executions in 22 countries in 2014, no change in the number from 2013 but a large reduction from 41 countries in 1995. The number of executions fell by nearly 22% to at least 607 in 2014 from 778 in 2013. Data for the use of the death penalty were not available for China because they are a state secret. Despite the absence of transparency, the number of executions in China is thought to be higher than the total for the rest of the world. Compared with 2013, the numbers of recorded executions were reduced in 2014 in sub-Saharan Africa (by 28%, from 64 executions in five countries to 46 in three countries), the Middle East and North Africa (by 23%, from 638 to 491 executions), and the USA (by 10%, from 39 to 35 executions). As of Dec 31, 2014, 140 countries had abolished the death penalty in law or practice and 98 in law for all crimes. However, all countries should abolish the death penalty for all crimes.
In March, this year, the Governor of Utah, USA, Gary Herbert signed a bill that will allow the use of firing squads if drugs for lethal injection are not available. The USA is the only country in the Americas to use the death penalty, which has been abolished in 18 states. Execution is not proven to be an effective deterrent and, with so many miscarriages of justice and reports of botched executions, surely it cannot be right to teach people that killing is wrong by killing them.

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