Wednesday, March 18, 2015

How to write a good journal article?

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Beatrix Haselsberger
Visiting Professor at Università degli Studi di Cagliari
Top Contributor

Having been the Editor-in-Chief of a scientific magazine, it was always striking to me how many difficulties authors face in the process of writing their articles. It was therefore that I together with Paul Benneworth worte a short "how to publish guideline" as a follow up of a Publishing Skills Workshop we organized.

In this guideline we identified the following 8 "publishing top tips":
(.) Publishing is a way of life that you have to find a way to accommodate!
(.) You need a publishing strategy that is right for your goals!
(.) Choose the right journal to fit with your material and your strategy!
(.) Always think of your readers when producing your manuscript!
(.) Your paper needs a clear structure that is coherent and logical!
(.) Convince your editors by submitting a properly prepared paper!
(.) Use feedback and reviews to strengthen your article!
(.) Books remain important even if they might not seem to be that valued! [вот это верное наблюдение, любопытно: почему так вышло? ч/кто за этим стоит? только ли наукометры]

Look up our "how to publish top tips" if you want to learn more about the craft of writing good articles 

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