Monday, March 30, 2015

Ethnicity in the US

U.S. Registered Voters by Ethnicity as 3D Spheres from Moonshadow on Vimeo.
Voter data provided by L2.

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Ethnic groups in the US are distributed unevenly across the nation. The animations below show where they are located and how large they are in relationship to each other. We looked at five different broad ethnic groups: Europeans, East & South Asians, Hispanic and Portuguese and African American. The ‘Other’ group includes all other groups including Native Americans. We used the registered voter data from L2 Political to do this ethnic analysis.
Americans of European descent are shown in blue. This is by far the most populous group and they are represented all over the country. When you look at the European Americans it is interesting to see that 75% of the population of the US lives East of the Mississippi river. East and South Asian Americans are shown in red. They are most concentrated in three metropolitan areas; Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York City with smaller groups in Washington DC, Chicago, Houston and Seattle. The group of Hispanic Americans is much larger than Asian Americans. Hispanics are concentrated along the border with Mexico, in California, Florida, Texas and in New York City. Of course there are groups of Hispanics in rural areas but the numbers are fairly small so they do not show up as big ‘bubbles’ in the 3D model. With the exception of Los Angeles African Americans are almost entirely concentrated East of the Mississippi with large groups in the deep South and along the Gulf of Mexico.
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