Monday, August 11, 2014

too many women

Все в Гонконг:
там женщин больше, чем мужчин -- ухмылка капитализьма? в КНР наоборот, но это не из-за коммунизьма. В России тоже гендерный перекос (в женскую сторону), особо ощутимый в поле пенсионных возрастах.

Currently [в Гонконге] there are 864 men for every 1,000 women (pdf, p. xxv), down from 1,087 per 1,000 as recently as 1981. Hong Kong’s deputy commissioner for census and statistics has predicted the overall sex ratio could widen to 788 men per 1,000 women by 2026, and 712 men per 1,000 women by 2041.
The result is that as many as 24 million Chinese men may be short of a partner by 2020, and in Hong Kong, the proportion of unmarried women to unmarried men been steadily growing—in 2013, 55.7% of women over the age of 15 were married compared to 61% of men of the same age, according to the Hong Kong government’s latest batch of data. Paul Yip, a demographer at the University of Hong Kong, said in 2012 that one in five women born in Hong Kong can expect to stay single for the rest of their lives.
The trend may be starting to move slowly  in the other direction, helped in part by a slew of dating agencies specializing in finding Hong Kong women potential spouses across the border. The number of marriages between Hong Kong men and mainland women may have reached a plateau—they have hovered around an estimated 20,000 (pdf, p. 43) per year since 2011—while unions between Hong Kong women and mainland men have been growing; they rose by almost a third to 7,507 last year, from 5,867 in 2011.
“There are fewer and fewer differences between Hong Kong and the mainland,” said one Hong Kong woman (link in Chinese) who married a suitor from Hangzhou and moved to his hometown. “And in some ways, quality of life here is better.”

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