Thursday, August 14, 2014

a global tea party movement

многие спрашывают: с какой луны през.икру свалилсо ?
АОН в трен.de вместе с еби.ком
“You Choose!” -- предвыборный плакат ёбика.ху, то-есть, между евриками и унгароскрепами
а в другом тренде: In December, the European Parliament took up a resolution known as the Estrela Report that called on member states to provide comprehensive sex education in schools, ensure access to safe abortions, and take other steps that its supporters consider basic to safeguarding sexual health and rights.

CitizenGo и стали ответом. CitizenGo’s founder, Ignacio Arsuaga, had spent more than a decade adapting online organizing techniques from U.S. to Spanish politics before launching the group.
много ещё любопытного про античойсовый.ам опыт в евриках >>> читать

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