Sunday, July 16, 2017

Hajnal line of Aurelius Valerius

линия Хайнала
читаю у Коулмена про линийу Хайнала, проведённую по мнению ДК ещё императором Диоклетианом

про линию:
Noblewomen and gentlewomen married early, but they were a small minority; a thousand marriage certificates issued by the Diocese [это, вроде, диоклетианово нововведение] of Canterbury between 1619 and 1660 show that only one bride was aged thirteen years, four were fifteen, twelve were sixteen, seventeen were seventeen, and the other 966 of the brides were aged nineteen years or older when they married for the first time. The church stipulated that both the bride and groom must be at least 21 years of age to marry without the consent of their families; the most common ages of marriage were 22 for women, 24 for men; the median ages were 22.75 for women and 25.5 for men; the average ages were 24 years for women and nearly 28 years for men. The youngest brides were nobility and gentry.
вроде бы смысл диоклетиановщины в админ.реформе, но она поделила империю на 4 части (тетрархия), а не 2 :), хотя написано две (Префектов претория было два, по числу августов) — мнения разошлись
понимай как знаешъ:

потом уже античная глобализация закончилась, и пришлось некоторым императорам окно в еврики рубить

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