Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Average age of a principle beef cattle rancher is 58.3

Вычитал в статистике американской говядины, вспомнил задачку про оборот стада, которую проходили по экономической статистике (в предмете уверенности нет).

Там есть и гендерные штучки, как же бес них теперъ,
913,246 total cattle & calf operations. Of these:
  • 727,906 are beef farms and ranches. Of these:
  • 91% are family-owned or individually-operated
  • 11% are operated by women
  • 26,586 are engaged in cattle feedlot production. Of these:
  • 80% are family owned or individually operated
  • 5% are operated by women 
  • 64,098 are milk cow operations
Гносеологические корни поедания говядины (там ещё много любо пытного)

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