Sunday, May 21, 2017

imagine demographic equality

What If The EU Had 28 Member States With Equal Populations?

новые границы — границы демографического равенства, ещё бы по прогнозу :)
imagine demographic equality

Основные выводы из спекуляции:
  • The return of Prussia, Bavaria and Saxony to the map which all ceased being independent countries following the unification of Germany in 1871.
  • New Saxony in Southern-England with London as its capital.
  • The Celtic Union roughly Brittany, Cornwall, Devon, Ireland, Wales and western Scotland.
  • The Mediterranean Union which includes parts of Greece, and Southern-Italy along with Malta and a reunified Cyprus.
  • Czecho-Silesia
  • Baltica
  • Balearic Coast, or a potential home for Europe’s Catalan speakers [сноска выдаёт автора?].

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