Friday, July 15, 2016

Do Europeans Fear Diversity?

A new survey has shown that Europeans are divided when it comes to multi-culturalism and its impact on society. Pew Research found that people across the continent fear the migration crisis will result in more terrorism and fewer jobs. Few Europeans feel growing diversity makes their country a better place to live in.

Opinion on this topic is split geographically with 63 percent of Greeks and 41 percent of Hungarians saying growing diversity makes their countries worse places to live in. In Germany, which has taken the lion's share of refugees, 40 percent of people feel that growing diversity makes little difference while 26 percent say it makes the country better place to live in.Infographic: Do Europeans Fear Diversity? | Statista
как ни чуй с твуй — жистьне возмож на-по вернуть на зад
лишно я вырос в мульти-культи, так шта меня growing diversity мало колышет, да и не достала ещё уровня децва-отрочества-вьюнозди

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