Wednesday, May 4, 2016

facebook v. twitter

Over the ten years of its lifetime, Twitter has been compared to Facebook countless times. In the early years, this was flattering to Twitter because people were saying that it would become the next Facebook and could one day surpass it. More recently however, both companies have taken very different paths. While Facebook continues to grow in users, sales and profit, Twitter struggles on many fronts. The microblogging network has all but stopped growing and has yet to find a way to turn into a profitable business.

The disconnect between Facebook and Twitter is reflected in the performance of both companies’ stock prices since Twitter went public in November 2013. While Facebook’s share price has more than doubled since then, Twitter’s shares started plummeting last year and have yet to recover. On Tuesday, the company’s stock price reached a new all-time low of $13.90, down almost 50 percent from its IPO price of $26 and more than 80 percent from its all-time high in December 2013.Infographic: Same Same But Different | Statista
уходим в фб, или наоборот?

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