Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Uterus does the Gender Selection

прикольная новость, free will rules и молитвой меняет генотип:
сходил по объявлению

Looking for a collaborator to prepare a live video to prove that:


We discovered an amazing phenomenon in women. Just like there are two kinds of sperms, women have been found to have gender specific menstrual cycles. One cycle is for conceiving a boy and the next one for a girl. This gender specificity alternates. We have enough data to prove that if 100 couples try to conceive, say a boy, and if all of them conceive in boy cycle advised by us, 92 of them are already getting boys. This much success makes us believe that the uterus selects X and Y sperms depending upon the cycle she is in.

We are now interested to show this phenomenon in form of a lab video. If you are a researcher in the field of ob/gyn or in-vitro fertilization, this is a chance to make a big name. We can jointly publish our findings in reputed journal. Please forward this message to anyone you know who can help. We are prepared to give this project to any student aspiring to get admission to medical school. If interested, please call:

313 574 7500 Dr. Kuldeep Verma, President, Urobiologics LLC,
[это Голландия, насколько понимаю]

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