Tuesday, December 29, 2015

below upper secondary education

Across OECD countries 17 percent of younger adults (aged 25-34) had not attained an upper secondary level education in 2013 compared to 34 percent of older adults (aged 55-64) according to a recent report. That system is designed to prepare students for an education at university level and failing to complete it can lead to immense challenges in finding work.

The report also used UNESCO Institute of Statistics (UIS) data to find out about the rate of secondary education completion in other countries outside the OECD. Overall, it found that 64 percent of 25.34 olds in China failed to obtain an upper secondary level education with Indonesia and Mexico also having high rates of early-school leavers.

This chart shows

the % of 25-34 year-olds with an education level below upper secondary in selected countries.

Infographic: Where Do People Fail To Attain A High School Qualification | Statista
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