Thursday, November 5, 2015

Ukraine's Foreign Fighters Return Home

статья в Ньюзвике про приезжых участников войны на Украине:
Sergio Becerra Vasquez, far left, fought with separatist against Ukraine along with other Spanish and Serbian fighters on the Vergulovka front. Upon his return to Spain, Vasquez was arrested by the nation's counterterrorism unit for his involvement in the conflict.
They had traveled to join the separatist rebels on the battlefields of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions in eastern Ukraine in what they considered selfless acts of conscience. Vasquez believed himself to be fulfilling the same obligation as the foreigners who decades earlier made the journey to Spain to fight against the fascist forces in the Spanish Civil War.

...Europe’s judicial and political bodies seem largely at a loss for what to do about the estimated 600 foreigners, excluding Russians, who have fought on both sides of the war in Ukraine.

...Those in Ukraine are neither terrorists nor mercenaries nor humanitarian volunteers. They also have no clear, shared ideology. They come from a range of countries, backgrounds and professions, and they are helping both sides in the conflict. Their political views range from the far left to the extreme right. In eastern Ukraine, some foreign communists —like Vasquez—are fighting on the side of the pro-Russian rebels. In direct contrast to the prevailing view in Europe and beyond, they see Ukraine, not Russia, as a fascist aggressor. Meanwhile, some neo-Nazis from EU countries have joined the Ukrainian army, which the EU and the United States support. And some foreign volunteers don’t have any interest in politics at all; they just want to fight in a war.

оч любопытно

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