Thursday, August 27, 2015

paternity leave

Infographic: Where Fathers Receive The Most Paternity Leave | Statista
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Раиси как бе нет, но это нормально, а в последние года два изас лужёно

According to the World Economic Forum who used data based on an OECD report, South Korea and Japan offer dads the most paid paternity leave - about 52 weeks each [этто=год, есличо]. However, due to the cultural perception that raising a child is primarily a mother's task, very few fathers actually avail of the generous leave on offer. In Sweden, 89 percent of men take paternity leave while less than 2 percent take time off in South Korea and Japan. Globally, 70 countries now provide paid paternity leave for fathers. In countries where paternity leave is short and well paid, more dads tend to take the opportunity to use it.

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