Wednesday, March 11, 2015

ejecting veganism

Вот какие огурцы продаются в савецких магазинах статьи пишутся в традиционном теократичном Иране, а *уле? scopus -- он и в Иране scopus:
The main purpose of this research is to help couples that have problems in early ejection in man and veganism’s problem in woman that after 2 months has been cured by using scientific and non-drug method, successfully. This case is related to couples who live in Arak and both of them are 21 years old and their education level is Diploma. They refer to clinic center and are asking help from consulters after one year of their unconsummated marriage. Man is involved with problem of early injection and woman is involved with veganism’s problem. Treatment has been done by teaching relaxation to woman for 2 weeks and little by little along with day dreaming that is related to sexual. In the next stage, the researchers ask her in relaxing time to enter fingers in vagina. Manner therapy has been used for man that usually consists of start-stop and squeeze techniques. At last, after successful performance, first sexual relationship happens. It is noticeable that unconsummated marriage is treatable with a simple and safe method and low cost in a short time. Regarding this matter that veganism’s and early ejection are as sexual disorders and are most prevalent kind of sexual disorders, so present research concludes that unconsummated mar- riage is treatable by psychology and non-drug treatment which prevents marriage from failing.

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